Grenada, Bahamas & Jamaica top Rio 2016 medals

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Grenada, once again is Rio 2016 Olympic medal champion in medals per capita.

The nutmeg-producing island nation in the Lesser Antilles — population 106,825, took home all of one medal: Kirani James’s silver in the men’s 400-meter dash. But that was good enough to take home the per-capital medal title for the second straight Summer Olympics (James won gold in the 400 in London four years ago, as well). The Grenadians edged out the Bahamas, which won two medals, one for every 194,009 people.

Your top five medals-per-capita for Rio 2016, based on the list at

1. Grenada: 1 medal, 106,825 people per medal.

2. Bahamas: 2 medals, 194,009 people per medal.

3. Jamaica: 11 medals, 247,812 people per medal.

4. New Zealand: 18 medals, 255,316 people per medal.

5. Denmark: 15 medals, 378,400 people per medal.