Prince Harry to visit the Caribbean

Prince HarryHis Royal Highness will carry out 14 days of official engagements in Her Majesty’s Realms where The Queen is Sovereign, in addition to Guyana – a member of the Commonwealth. The visit will mark the occasion of the 35th Anniversary of Independence in Antigua and Barbuda, and the 50th Anniversary of Independence in Barbados and Guyana.

Prince Harry will visit seven countries including the Realms of Antigua & Barbuda, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada and Barbados, as well as visiting Guyana on behalf of the Foreign Office. This will be Prince Harry’s second official visit to the Caribbean following his first tour to the region in 2012 when His Royal Highness represented Her Majesty during the Diamond Jubilee.

Prince Harry is honoured to be visiting the Caribbean in the year of The Queen’s 90th birthday, and to continue to develop The Royal Family’s strong bonds with the people of these important Commonwealth countries. While these Caribbean countries may be relatively small in size, each has more than their fair share of natural wonders, inspiring individuals and unique cultures which His Royal Highness will experience during this two week tour.

The visit will see Prince Harry carry out a wide variety of engagements across the seven countries, from official anniversary ceremonies and meeting with inspiring conservationists and young leaders, to engaging with well-known cultural figures and national sporting stars, to seeing the impressive work of a number of important local organisations and charities.  His Royal Highness will pay special attention to issues which are common throughout the region, and will learn how each country and local community is responding to these challenges. Prince Harry will experience first-hand the importance placed on protecting the environment and conservation; including vital turtle conservation projects on the white sands of Nevis, and the replanting of the coral reefs in the seas that surround Grenada. His Royal Highness will see how projects across the Caribbean encourage and support young people to thrive, particularly through sport, but also through social projects and the military. In addition to this, on Her Majesty’s behalf, Prince Harry will unveil a number of dedications to The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy, a global forestry project which invites Commonwealth countries to dedicate indigenous forest to be preserved in perpetuity for future generations.


  • Wednesday, 23rd November St Kitts and Nevis
  • Thursday, 24th November St Lucia
  • Friday, 25th November St Lucia
  • Saturday, 26th November St Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Sunday, 27th November Travel day
  • Monday, 28th November Grenada
  • Tuesday, 29th November Barbados
  • Wednesday, 30th November Barbados
  • Thursday, 1st December Barbados
  • Friday, 2nd December Guyana
  • Saturday, 3rd December Guyana
  • Sunday, 4th December Guyana