Flag of St Lucia

St Lucia is an exotic island in the eastern Caribbean part of the Lesser Antilles located north of St Vincent and the Grenadines and south of Martinique, it is well known for its mysterious looking twin piton mountain peaks and La Soufriere volcano.

Lucians speak English and Lucian creole French also known as patois, it is a British Commonwealth country with the Queen as head of state represented by an appointed governor general and parliamentary democracy. The local currency used is Eastern Caribbean dollars but American dollars are widely accepted.

Castries is the capital of this luxurious volcanic island and is one of few countries to have a drive in volcano, its must sees also include the sulphur springs at the volcano, with many tourist visiting it and its landmark twin peak mountain ‘The Piton‘ and its national parks and beaches. St Lucia is a popular stop among many cruise ships, international flights and hotel resorts.

Saint Lucia has two winners of the Nobel prize; Sir Arthur Lewis for Economics in 1979 and poet Derek Walcott for Literature in 1992.

The country got its name from the first European settlers and was named after Saint Lucy of Syracuse. This friendly country keeps good international relations with the rest of the Caribbean, England, America, France and a full member of the Caricom, Organisation of eastern Caribbean states and La Francophonie. St. Lucia’s national dish is green figs and saltfish

Many international music artiste flock to St Lucia for its annual jazz and arts festival which is St Lucia’s biggest festival held in early May.