Flag of St. Vincent and the Grenadines

St Vincent and the Grenadines is an archipelago of islands in the Eastern Caribbean located south of Saint Lucia, west of Barbados and north of Grenada, it is well known for being called the ‘Gems of the Antilles’. Vincentians speak English. It is a British Commonwealth country with the Queen as head of state represented by an appointed governor general and parliamentary democracy. In St Vincent and the Grenadines the local currency used is Eastern Caribbean dollars but American dollars are widely accepted.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines was formerly known Hairouna and Youloumain, the French was the first European settlers to occupy St Vincent with many wars between the French, British and Caribs which were the original inhabitants however, the British was first to claim St Vincent in 1627, later on St Vincent became an independent country in 1979.

St Vincent and the Grenadines comprises of 32 islands with the mainland St. Vincent being the largest however, only 9 of the islands are inhabited. Kingstown is the capital of mainland St. Vincent which is a volcanic island with the La Soufriere located at the northern point, the volcano last erupted in 1979 and peaks over 4000 feet high.

This is a Christian country with many attractive traditional historical buildings including Fort Charlotte used for the filming of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.

Like most islands in the Caribbean its most popular form of music is calypso, soca, reggae and steel band. There are many known well known Vincentian artist internationally established like Kevin Lyttle and Mattafix.

The Grenadines are a haven of islands easy to explore, with the closest Young Island which is located just 200 yards from the southern coast of St. Vincent which you can get to on a short water taxi ride as this little gem is a private resort island.

Bequia Island is the largest of the Grenadines and is well known for its fishing and boating culture including whale catching, the Easter boating regatta and the turtle sanctuary.

Mustique Island is a privately owned island and is well known celebrity hideaway, with exceptional full service resorts and activities including its unique blues festival.

Canouan island is a very pleasant island and known for raffles private resort, and 18 hole Jim Fazio designed Golf Course.

Mayreau Island is possibly the most untouched gem of the Antilles with breathtaking views, turquoise waters, and a yacht-man’s paradise even though it is the smallest of the inhabited islands.

The Tobago keys is 5 island group that gives you the most awesome sea life for snorkelling with naturally clean untouched beaches for swimming . the picturesque views of many of the islands around include Palm Island which is part of the elite islands resort chain, Petite Saint Vincent is also known as PSV. When you are at Union Island and most of the neighbouring islands you are able to see in the distance the island of Carriacou which is an island of Grenada.